Enigma Sign

Enigma’s Logo

By Carol M. Shirley

Melissa, my daughter, is and always has been the family artist so it only made sense to me to involve her in the process of creating a logo. I had asked the universe for a name and Enigma was given. I, of course, had to look it up in the dictionary. Upon reading “a very complex almost unsolvable puzzle” I laughed aloud at its paradoxical nature realizing life is and people are truly undefinable…just when you think you know, it changes; just in observing its nature it redefines. An Enigma indeed!

Melissa’s research led her to an image of the circle and two (mirror image) snakes. I liked that this symbol is an ancient Chinese representation of “rebirth”. I felt that choosing to start a new business at 57 years old was very much a rebirth – a new beginning.

So starting with the black and white image of the circle and snakes we decided to personalize it by adding chakra (energy centres part of Eastern medicines meridian system) colours to the snakes. We made the circle golden representing a full karmic cycle. The puzzle pieces represent ‘Enigma’. The green piece is our heart chakra, or our willingness to open ourselves to love – primarily self-love – enhancing our ability to love and have compassion for others. The blue puzzle piece represents our brow chakra or third eye. The third eye represents our capacity to look inward – to learn and grow in the truth of who we are as individuals first and, ultimately, who we are collectively.

As part of my own spiritual journey I have also learned that the snake is my totem animal: the symbol of a healer.